Working With Charee

“Charee specializes in bringing balance back into your life by helping you bring order into your environment”

Your life can be the peaceful, passionate, productive life that you desire. Embracing life, living in the moment and achieving balance transpire when your life has order – in your home and office. Bringing “space” into your physical setting will allow you to be more effective in everything you do. Saying yes to change can open the doors to your spiritual journey.

My thoughtful approach to helping you achieve your goals and bring spaciousness into your life has been realized from my passion for organizing. How? I help you set your organizing goals and then we work together to reach them. Working along side a professional will remove the guesswork and result in an organized life.

Think of me as a Coach or Organizational Trainer. It isn’t always easy tackling what may be years of accumulation or assessing the flow of our own activities. After working with a professional to get your organizational systems in place, maintaining it can be like meditation. The busier you are, the more it is necessary.


Areas of Expertise

  • Creating paper workflow/filing systems for home office/small business.
  • Setting the tone for your day by making your morning routine easy starting with your closet.
  • Creating memory keepsakes from photos collections and developing systems for maintaining photos, both digital and printed.
  • Adding flow to any room or home office.
  • Designing and creating organized systems for your craft room.
  • Other needs? Please feel free to contact me with any area that could benefit from organization.

The benefits of being organized are many…

  • If you are organized, you will be able to attain a more balanced lifestyle. You’ll be able to minimize the time spent on looking for things, and increase the time spent on important things like family.
  • You will be more productive and less stressed as you take control of your environment. You’ll be focused, have better direction and get more done in less time.
  • You will save money. No more late fees and penalty fees. Bills are kept up to date and you know where you stand.
  • You will be able to better manage your time and prioritize your tasks. You will be able to manage the interruptions that often plague our attempts at getting things done in time.
  • You will regain control over your space. Many of us have too much stuff and continue to get more. The new stuff continues to accumulate, adding to our never-ending clutter.
  • It will help you set and achieve personal goals. With your goals in mind, spend a few minutes every evening planning for the next day. Make lists of the things you have to do and the things you want to do. As each day passes, you will be closer to your goals.
  • Your self-esteem will be given a boost, and you will experience a real feeling of freedom.
  • Charee Macddonald